Friday, May 06, 2016



Got up and was exhausted. 2 melatonin and 1 allergy pill help me sleep, but I am out of it. feeling drunk.

I did laundry, put away dishes.

Walked down to mail the last of the payments for les schwab and a letter for Lucille in Georgia.

Then I vacuumed. Ants are invading the house already. Nasty little things.

I ordered two new purses for Mother's Day. One from Dooney, and one from Fossil.

Walked down to get the mail. Picked up garbage that was on the property.

The Electrician came at 2PM.

Wilson Sleeping Next to my Chair

I was awfully tired today. Did not really do too much.

Hubby got home later. We took dogs for a walk in the park.

Came back and watched TV until bed.

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