Thursday, May 19, 2016

Boat Cleaning & NAILS


Got up at 7:30. Could not go back to sleep after hubby left. Ben was in bed with me for a while.

Gave ham to dogs. Got dressed.

Drove into Hayden to get nails done.

Jitterz was too busy, so I went over to Ramsey & Hayden instead. Ran into Amber, the supervisor from the massage school.

I drove to the nail place and got my nails done at 9AM.

After getting nails done, I drove to Rathdrum and picked up groceries.

Had to get Meat for KR this weekend

Dropped off donations at Goodwill.

Then got gasoline.

Drove home.

Seth is here, spraying the sheetrock.

Put away groceries. Closed all the windows. It is very cold inside the house. Turned on the heaters.

Boat cleaners were still here. At 1:30, the woman came up to tell me that they were almost done and that they wanted me to look at the boat to see if it was OK.

Still really cold out. Wind was blowing, 55 degrees. Dark clouds overhead.

I walked down there. They had not cleaned the bilge area. I opened the bilge area for them, then looked at the rest of the boat.

I walked back to the house.

Did laundry. Put away dishes.

Ordered new shirts & shorts on HM. No receipt; something weird happened on their website and I got no receipt.

Hubby got home at 5PM. He looked at the boat.

We took the dogs for a walk in the park around the sewage treatment plant area.

Seth was still here spraying when we came back. He finally left about 7PM.

We put water in buckets because Remington Water is shutting off the water for a system overhaul from 9-4.

Sat on the new Adirondack chairs.

We watched a new Archer and The Blacklist, then went to bed.

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