Wednesday, April 27, 2016



Got up and felt hung over. Very tired.

Did laundry & dishes.

Walked down to the mailbox to mail hubby's payment to Tom's Differentials. Kicked pine cones out of driveway.

Seth came and started work on the Ceiling Fans. He brought in his huge ladder.

Then I had to leave to get nails & goes done at 1:00. I stopped at Jitterz to pick up a latte and got a green tea for Tracey.

At Tracey's until 3:30 talking about Europe trips & Canada. Was fun.

Then I drove home.

Ceiling fans were done. One was humming. Have to get a replacement for it.

 Wilson Plays While Bud Sleeps

Hubby got home at 6:00 and we drove the Dodge over to Spokane to pick up parts. Then we stopped at Dickey's BBQ and had dinner. My stomach was hurting.

We drove home via Trent, picked up dog burgers at Wendy's on Barker. Got home at 9:30

Fed burgers to dogs. Watched Archer, went to bed. I was exhausted.


Got up and was very tired.

Did laundry & dishes.

I reviewed our checking account and the deposit had been made for our loan.

Seth came at 11:30. He started working on Hot Water Heater & Disposer. He got them installed by 1:20, but a valve was leaking and he had to run into town to get a replacement valve.

I told him to get oil for the cabinets & oil for the deck.

Our ticket for the Really Big Raffle came today. I always wanted to buy one of these tickets. Hope we are lucky.

 Wilson Uses Bud as a Gymnasium

 Ben Trying To Hide from Wilson

Hubby came home.


We did not have time before we left to move everything out of the basement. Hubby told Seth to do it along with his helper and we would reimburse him for it.

Had to go pick up Heaters & Door from Home Depot.

We were hungry and ate at MOD Pizza. It was good.

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