Tuesday, April 12, 2016



Got up at 9:30. Took too many Melatonin pills last night. Also took allergy pills for my 3 huge bug bites that I received yesterday.

It had started raining. Had to bring in the bird seed from outside.

Did laundry & dishes.

Was tired and laid down on the couch for a while. Went outside to pick up dog poo.

Took Wilson to the Vet at 2:30 for the last of his vaccines & his rabies shot.

Wilson at the Vet

Got the mail on the way home.

Rocky pulled up in the driveway in his Frontier truck and I thought it was hubby. I talked to Rocky for a while.

Hubby came home a few minutes later. I let Rocky & hubby talk for a while in the driveway. Hubby finally came inside later.

We stayed home because it was getting dark and was raining.

I took Melagonin pills to see if I could sleep thru the night.

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