Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dog Walk & Dump Run


Got up at 8AM. Had a bad night sleeping.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs. I finally got dressed and helped clean up.

I got online and tried to do an overlay map & plat of the property that we looking at in Nine Mile Falls. It was odd because it looks like it does not go to the corner of the property and it crosses the road; almost appears that the neighbors have built on the property.

Then KR came over at 9:30. She brought a latte for hubby.

We took the dogs to the park in the white Dually and walked around the sewage treatment plant. It was a very nice sunny, warm day. KR mostly talked about work. Hubby forgot to take water on the walk. Gave water to the dogs after the walk.

Bravo & Wilson investigate a hole

We came back home and I had hubby go to the store for eggs while I made sausage bites. I was very hungry. KR kept nabbing little bites.

Hubby brought back eggs and a pizza. He had KR warm up the oven for him. I made eggs and cleaned up. Had breakfast.

I went outside to pick up poo. Hubby nailed a board on the garage because the dogs were digging up too much dirt in the garage.

Then KR decided to leave. She has to work this afternoon.

Hubby loaded garbage in the Dually. Then he filled in dirt for an area that the dogs have been digging in the back yard along the fence.

Hubby tried to call around for boat slips.

We drove up to Sandpoint to look at property. Nice views, but we heard the train and I hate that noise.
 Beautiful views in Sandpoint, but Expensive!

Stopped to eat at Ivano's Restaurant, Italian place before we left town. Was not that great. Big commotion across the street when an ambulance & fire truck had to get somebody out of the building.

 Got drunk on House Wine
 Prawns appetizer
 More Pasta

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