Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Don's Visitation


Got up with hubby.

Hubby left for work. He took my Jeep again. I needed the Dodge.

I gave ham to dogs. Gave Ben his medications.

I did laundry & dishes.

Called Columbia Bank VISA to find out the new website for the credit card.

Time to take dogs to Groomer's. Loaded up all the dogs in the Dodge.

Drove into CDA. Stopped to get a latte at Jitterz.

Dropped Ben & Bud off at Apryl's. Asked her if I could pick them up by 3PM because we had a funeral.

Drove back home with Wilson. He was sad.

At home, got mail. Just junk mail again. There were boxes from UPS. New doggie doors & new covers for chair & couches.

Then Fed Ex came and brought my new LG screen for the computer.

I vacuumed and put away dishes. Then tried to cover one of the couches with the new cover.

Also detailed & cleaned the Dodge. Washed the seat cover in the back for the dogs. Took out all the garbage, refilled the water bottles. Packed hubby's clothes.

Had to leave at 2:30 and pick up hubby at 3:00. Took Wilson. Got lattes at Jitterz for hubby.

We drove to Apryl's and picked up dogs. I paid while hubby loaded dogs. We drove to Spokane. Got caught in afternoon traffic. It was awful.

Finally got to the funeral home. Walked the dogs quickly and gave them water. I had to potty when we got inside the funeral home. Visited with Lucille for a while. It was awfully sad. They had Don's tennis racket, a wrench, and a fishing pole with him inside the casket. He was wearing his favorite sweater.

 Don At The Funeral Home
 Roses We Got For Don's Funeral

Then we stopped to get gas at the Exxon station. I found some dog had pooped on the back seat cover which I had just washed.

We drove home quickly (took for-ever!) and dropped the dogs off at home. Hubby checked out of his jobs while I refilled dog water & made sure the dogs were OK.

We drove into CDA again with the Dodge and went to dinner at Golden Corral Buffet. It was awful. Never going there again. Food was old. Not much choices.

Then we picked my Jeep up at hubby's work and drove home separately.

At home, I did laundry. Hooked up my new Monitor for the computer. It works!

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