Saturday, April 09, 2016

Off To Town


Got up at 7AM. Made eggs with hubby for the dogs. Helped him feed the dogs.

Then we loaded the dogs into the Dually and drove to Athol. Picked up a latte for hubby. Johnna was there today.

We drove to the park and walked the dogs thru the biking area. Ran into a couple on horses. We waited for them to move out of the way, but they took a long time.

We tried to walk the trail, but they are logging in that area and there were lots of downed trees across the trail. Instead, we headed off towards the road to cut the walk short.

Loaded the dogs into the truck, we had forgotten to bring water. Have to go to the store to get a case of water.

We walked around and then took the dogs back home.

Got the Jeep and drove over to Spokane to look at properties.

There were some in south Spokane we looked at, but they were not nice.

Drove to Nine Mile Falls and found beautiful 10 acre property. I really would like to live there.

We went potty at the local Rosauers and then drove home.

At home, it was dark - around 9;30. 

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