Thursday, April 14, 2016

nails done


Got up at 9:30. Took too many allergy pills last night.

Gave ham to dogs. Washed clothes. Dried my jeans.

Dressed and then left at 10:30 for appointment at 11:00.

It was raining.

Got nails done. Picked up burgers for dogs & salads at Wendy's.

Drove home.

Picked up the mail.

Seth, the Handyman, came at 1:00. He had his car (his truck had died), so I told him that we would bring the bricks on Sunday in our truck.

I showed him around the house to give us an estimate to fix everything.

He took down notes and told me he would have an estimate in a couple days.

I watched tv and exercised.

Ordered replacement flaps for the dog door.

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