Monday, April 25, 2016



Only 4 days before hubby's birthday!

I slept very badly last night. Finally got up at 1AM to take a couple Melatonin.

Even with those, I only slept 4 hours. My mind was racing all night.

I got up at 5AM and brought Wilson up to sleep with us. He was too wiggly, so I took him and put him on Ben's bed. Ben started wiggling his tail.

Hubby got up at 6AM and kissed me goodbye. He took Wilson downstairs.

I got up at 8:30 and dressed.

Gave dogs ham. Started laundry & dishes.

Seth texted and said he would be here by 9:30.

Katrina with UPS got here about 9:15 with the Rough Country order. She put it in the garage behind my Jeep so it would not get rained upon.

I made Banana Bread.

 Banana Bread in Oven

Seth started working in the basement pulling out the cedar from the walls.

 Wilson & Bud
Wilson Chewing Ben's Feet

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