Friday, April 22, 2016

NAILS today


I was still asleep in bed when hubby for up and left for work.

Overcast & colder today. Not the nice, warm days that we have had the past week.

Only got 4 hours sleep.

I got up at 7AM. Gave ham to the dogs; gave Ben his meds.

It is overcast and colder today. Looks like rain.

Picked up doggy toys from outside, brought in the dog beds.

I started laundry & dishes.

Drove to CDA to get my nails done at 11:30. Stopped to get a latte at Jitterz. Had to wait in line for 10 minutes because the car in front of me had about 8 blended drinks!

Had my nails done in bright pink color; Tracey had to wrap both thumb nails because they were splitting.

Drove to Albertsons and did some grocery shopping - picked up Crab balls.

Then stopped at Pita to get a Chicken Crave Salad.

Drove home. Lots of idiots on the road already this year.

At home, got mail. Unloaded groceries. Gave dog some ham.

Picked up dog poo in the back yard.

Got paid today and I was upset because we did not have any bills to pay. Already paid everything in advance.

Hubby came home at 7:00. It was already too dark with clouds coming over to go for a walk. It was also getting very chilly.

At 7:30, we had a torrential down-pour. Hail and hard rain. The dogs were upset because it was thundering & lightning. Closed all the windows & doors.

We watched free HBO/Starz weekend on DirectTV.

Hubby fell asleep on the couch with Bud sleeping next to him.

Went to bed at 10:30 after watching Archer.

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