Sunday, April 17, 2016



Got up at 7AM. Hubby made eggs for dogs. I helped him give the eggs to the dogs. Wilson was put in the bathroom. Buddy had his in the kitchen. We put Ben's pills into his eggs.

I made pancakes from waffle mix for hubby.

KR slept late because she had been out late the night before. So I called her at 9:30 to wake up.

Hubby and I loaded the bricks into the Dually to take over to her house.

KR finally got her about 10:30 after stopping to get a latte in Rathdrum. We loaded dogs in the Dually and drove to Athol. Hubby picked up a latte. Then we drove to the park and had to walk in the sewage treatment plant area. It was a long walk. Ran into some people that were walking their dogs. Ben & Bud pulled on their leashes and wanted to kill the other dogs. Bravo was very well behaved and just walked past the other dogs.

Drove home and unloaded dogs. Then loaded the bed in the basement into the Dually.

We had some lunch; hubby had leftover pizza, KR ate snacks in the fridge, I had a salad.

Hubby took the Dually, I drove the Jeep. KR stopped in Rathdrum to get another latte.

We met at KR's house. I parked my Jeep in the street. There were lots of cars there. An old woman was sitting in the corner house, smoking outside on the sidewalk.

Hubby backed his Dually into KR's garage. I had to yell at him to stop because the pickup roof was going to hit the top of the garage door.

I went upstairs to open windows. It smelled like sewage (KR's garbage-she had thrown away chicken and it was rotting), I took the vacuum upstairs and cleaned the back room. Put all the stuff into the other room and vacuumed the whole upstairs.

KR got there and shut the front door which I had opened for air circulation. Then she helped hubby to bring up the bed frame & mattress & box springs.

I unloaded all the bricks into the garage so that her handyman can come over on Tuesday to work on her side yard. He is putting in bricks and sod.

Then we had to leave. KR had to get ready for work at 4PM and we had to go to Spokane.

We drove to the landfill on Prairie to dump off KR's garbage and the boxes fro m her steel shelves in the garage. I waited for hubby in the driveway while he went thru the transfer station.

Finally, he came out and we drove to Tom's Diesel Connection to drop off his truck. Then hubby got in the Jeep with me.

I drove to Spokane Fairgrounds for the Freedom RV sale. We tried to sit in the Jayco Seneca 36FK (forward kitchen), but the stupid salesman interrupted us. We made an offer with the trade in for our boat, but they wanted over $40,000 more than we wanted to pay. We just left.

We drove to downtown Spokane, trying to call Apple on our iphones to make an appointment. But we kept getting put on hold.

In downtown Spokane, we parked on the street and did not have to pay for parking. We walked to Apple and a nice young man said that hubby only  had his "do not disturb" button on and that is why he only received "emergency" phone calls.

We laughed about it. Then walked to Rocky Rococco's Pizza to have dinner. Hubby and I had pizza and salad. Hubby had a beer while I drank water.

Then we ordered extra pizzas for tonight. Drove back home.

Loaded dogs into the Dodge and drove to the park. Walked them around the Water Tower. It was a short walk.

Drove home and watched a little tv. Went to bed early.

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