Thursday, April 21, 2016

Don's Funeral


Got up at 7AM. Dressed. Loaded dogs into Dodge.

Stopped to get latte in Athol.

Took dogs to walk in park.

Came back home. It was already too hot.

I got dressed in my black long dress for the funeral. Hubby just wore a nice shirt & jeans.

We drove over to Fairmount Memorial Park in Spokane for the funeral. Very pretty view over the Spokane River. Horrible service, just the stupid minister preaching and quoting scripture that had NOTHING TO DO WITH DON. He was a member of their church for over 60 years, how come they had nothing personal to say about him. Even Lucille got upset when the minister referred to Don's "weak" body. What an ass of a minister. I absolutely HATE organized religion.

Then we stopped at a restaurant called The Flying Goat to have lunch. Hubby had a Pear Cidre, so he made me drive.

We drove over to the West side of the river and looked at homes. Then ended up north of Airway Heights and got on I-90.

Stopped for gas at Stateline. Then drove to CDA to get a latte for hubby at Jitterz. Then went shopping for home improvement things at Lowe's and Home Depot. Picked up For Sale signs (Bronco) and new light bulbs. We were both tired, so decided we were done for the day.

Drove my Jeep thru the car wash, then I dropped hubby off at Tom's Diesel Connection and I went home.

At home, I got mail, I gave the dogs some more ham, unloaded car.

Hubby got home a little while after me. We were both exhausted and watched The Zookeeper on tv for a while. Then Mark came down to talk to hubby.

 Dogs Playing
 Ben Resting on Bud

We took dogs for a walk in the park again at 7PM.

Came home and went to bed after watching The Blacklist.

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