Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Last of the Parasite Pills


Got up at 6:15AM and made eggs for dogs. Warmed up a slice of Quiche for hubby. He helped me feed the dogs. Wilson took his very last parasite pill!

Hubby left for work at 7:10. We gave huggies to the dogs. Even caught Wilson & gave him a hug.

I started laundry & dishes.

Got all my 10,000 steps in before 9:30AM.

 Bud & a bone
 Wilson & a bone
 More bone
 Bud, Wilson, & Ben
 Bud & Wilson Sleep

 Wilson does not fit the bed

I even did over 80 Stairs in today. My legs really hurt, tho.

Picked up dog poo. 

Then hubby got home around 6:00 and we took the dogs out for a walk at Farragut Park.

By the time we got home, hubby had dinner and I was exhausted. I went to bed at 9PM.

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