Thursday, April 07, 2016



Only got 5 hours sleep last night. Hubby snoring.

Got up and gave ham to dogs.

Then went outside to clean up poop.

Did exercises and Stairs.

Started laundry & dishes.

Ate breakfast of Mediterranean Tuna. Had tea.

I left at 1:30 to go see the Specialist in Post Falls. Drove behind some idiot in a mini van that threw a dog in the back and proceeded to turn around fully while driving. He was all over the road. His fat female passenger would not help him. Asshats.

Arrived at the specialist early at 2:00. Hubby parked next to me and went in with me. I saw the Assistant first, then Dr Olscamp. He recommended surgery.

I had chemical burnt my leg and had an allergic reaction to the Nair and he said that would  have to heal before we could do surgery.

While talking to the surgery consultant, she advised she only had an appointment in May, but I told her that I could not do that. Asked if she had cancellations. She finally came back with an appointment for surgery on April 25. Which will give me time to heal before going back to school.

Kissed hubby goodbye in the parking lot and drove to Wendy's. Got burgers for dogs & salads for me. Then waited in line 20 minutes to get my Jeep washed.

Drove home. Gave burgers to dogs.

Wilson & Ben

Did more exercising.

Then hubby got home later and he had a sandwich. We took the dogs for a walk at Farragut Park down by the Brig Museum. There were other people that crossed our path walking dogs that were NOT on leashes. We had to wait for them to pass.

Hubby said his hip was hurting again. I told him to go visit the Chiropractor. He said that he didn't want to go. He said that it would stop hurting when he stopped walking.

Drove home and watched the new Archer. I am not to thrilled about it being set in California. WHY is everything set in California on TV shows? It is NOT the center of the universe.

Went to bed at 10:30 after watching Blacklist.

I had taken an allergy pill and was very tired.

Hubby took me on the deck to see the stars outside. It was so pretty. I saw a shooting star!

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