Friday, October 28, 2016


OCTOBER 28 2016

Got up at 6AM with hubby. It was still raining.

Hubby left money to deposit in checking account. He also re-adjusted Bud's leg brace before he left.

Gave the dogs some ham, then wrapped Bud's antibiotic pills in the ham & gave it to him.

KR texted and said they were on their way to the Oregon coast.

I sat on the couch covered with a blanket until 8AM.

Then kittens started making noise.

I prepared the kitten food, then went downstairs to feed them & clean up their room again.

Started laundry.

Made souffle. 

Toothless has been cleaning up the shop and taking away metal from the shop all this week. It is starting to look much cleaner.

The guys finally got the Forklift running again!!!

Hubby got home after working 2 hours OT.

It was raining. I was too tired and did not want to go out to celebrate my graduation tonight.

We decided to stay home.

Went to bed early around 10PM.

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