Monday, October 03, 2016



Hubby got up and did stuff. Met some people at the shop, cleaned up the kittens & fed them. Gave eggs to the dogs.

He took me to the Immedia Care at 10:00. Stopped at Walgreens to get Zpack for me. We were back home by 12:00.

I went to bed, hubby kept checking on me all day.

I slept most of the day.

Took a couple hot baths. I was achy, tired, coughing, sore throat. It was awful.

 Bud, Wilson, & Ben

Went to bed early tonight. I felt awful.

Hubby took real nice care of me today. He is a sweet husband.


I was up at 7AM right after hubby woke me up by telling me goodbye as he left the house.


Cleaned up dog bowls & food. Gave them ham. Gave Bud 2 pills. He was really limping around on his leg today.

Went downstairs to clean kitten room and give them food.

Worked on my Business Project. Maybe I will feel well enough to go to school tomorrow.

Did laundry.

Did dishes.

I am exhausted.

Hubby came home late. He had to pick up an Excursion at the new shop.

Then he stopped at the shop at our house for about an hour.

He finally got home at 8PM.

We had dinner, I took several medications.

Watched Bond movie, Thunderball. It was boring.

Went to bed at 1PM. Hubby was not tired. I could not sleep until about 2PM. Tossed & turned.

Got bitten by bugs again on my back.

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