Tuesday, October 04, 2016


OCTOBER 4, 2016


Woke up at 6AM when hubby left. I stayed in bed with Wilson until 7AM.

Got up and gave the dogs fresh food & water. Hubby had already given Bud his pill.

I went downstairs and cleaned up the kitties and gave them fresh food & water.

Then I got dressed in a long black dress for my "professional look".

It was cold again today. About 38 when I got up.

Drove to school.

Got there about 8:50AM. I was coughing still. Took in my tea, kleenex for my nose, and Mucinex DM. Took some Ibuprofen to calm my throat.

Kim and I made our "fake presentation" of Fist & Swallow Massage. Pam laughed. Jackie & Christine thought it was cute.

Then Kim started the real presentations. She did very good. Angela was next, then I was third. Shelly was last at 11:30-12:00. It seemed that only Shelly and I had done the extent of the assignment.

When we were finally finished, Pam handed out End of the Month Progress reports, Jackie did not have mine, so she printed it up.

Kim and I went down to Starbucks to get Shelly a mint tea while Kim got a decaf coffee, they gave her the wrong size, so gave her a gift certificate for a free drink next time.

Then we went back. I got my papers & books. Kim went to massage. I gave Shelley's drink to Christine, and I picked up my progress report from Jackie.

I drove home. It was raining and cold.

It felt like a HUGE WEIGHT HAD BEEN LIFTED FROM MY SHOULDERS. Maybe I can go back to feeling normal now. No More Pressure.

At home, I got the mail. The seat pad had come in the mail. USPS had stuffed it into our mailbox, even tho it did not fit. They had ripped the packaging.

I unloaded all my books, mail, and put everything away.

Washed all my winter outer wear for the coming cold season. Got out hubby's beanies for the season. Tried to take a nap, but could not.

Had some lunch.

Gave Bud another pill.

Made an appointment to take Bud into the Vet tomorrow for Xrays.

Registered our Settlement claim online for the Sirius lawsuit.

Made payment to Electric Co-op.

Internet still keeps going down every few minutes. Very frustrating.

It is 5:30. Already dark out. Most of today was dark with rain clouds.

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