Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2nd To LAST Day at School



Got up at 6:15. Said goodbye to hubby before he left for work.

Bud was much better. Wilson was happy this morning.

Went back to bed until 7AM.

Got up again and dressed.

Fed the dogs some ham. Hubby had already given Bud his Antibiotics for his infection.

I went downstairs to feed the kittens and clean their room.

Put away dishes. Started laundry.

Left for school at 8AM.

Arrived at school 8:45AM. Kim was just getting there.

Kim has 1 more hour to complete tomorrow.

We went in to Pam's class. Pam was in a bad mood today. She yelled at Elsbeth when she went to the bathroom. Wanted her to ask permission.

Andrea came in looking for a "body" and Sam volunteered.

Kim and I went to Fu-Ki because i wanted to get more Gyoza for hubby. I also ordered Spring Rolls and rice.

Took Kim back to Clinic.

I drove home.

At home, got mail. Toothless was here cleaning up the shop.

I did more laundry. Paid Direct TV. Sent an email to the Registrar at school for an appointment next week. Need to go over paperwork & get Mblex info going.

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