Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Counting Down The Hours


Got up at 6:30 and hugged hubby goodbye. Made sure that Bud had his brace on today.

I fed the dogs some ham and gave Bud his pills.

Gave kitty their breakfast and cleaned up their room.

Washed clothes. Started the dishwasher.

Watched The Lake House. I love that movie. So romatic.

Left for school at 8:00.

Kim texted that she would not be coming in today.

Driving behind a truck pulling an oversize trailer. They were going 35 mph up Hwy 41. Finally decided to get a latte at KoKoPelli.

At School, saw Angela in the Clinic room. Pam was teaching Pathology there. We got tables and chairs set up. Angie even came to school today. I have missed her.

Pam asked all of us how much time we have left. Most of the class is going to be there until the end of November. Kim and I are the only ones that will get out of there by Oct 26.

I am so tired of being in make-up class. Nothing to do. I keep taking the AMTA Mblex tests on the App.

We took the quiz with the class. I went in to see Admin and gave her my report that had been sitting in the Admin in-box since Tuesday. She seemed surprised to see it.

Pam got done with class early. We just stood around until 11:45 and left.

I drove to Wendy's to get burgers for the dogs and a salad for me.

Stopped at KR's and dropped off her booze and Beebo's leash/collar. I went potty there.

Then I drove home. Stopped at Super One and picked up some groceries.

Got the mail at home. Just junk.

Unloaded groceries.

Fed the burgers to the dogs. Cleaned up the cat litter. Did a load of laundry. Put away dishes. Had lunch.

Worked on Tax letter.

Then drove to Athol to mail the letter certified mail/return receipt.

Came back home and watched tv. My stomach is very upset. I am still coughing from the Bronchitis.

Hubby is going to work at the shop in Post Falls until late.

I took a nap for a while.

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