Monday, October 24, 2016


OCTOBER 24 2016

Wilson slept with us all night.

Got up at 6AM this morning and said goodbye to hubby.

Went back to bed.

Slept until 8:30.

Got up and did laundry. Fed kittens & cleaned up their room. Gave dogs ham, Bud got his pain pills.



Started to get ready at 3PM to go pick up hubby & KR for Graduation Party.

Drove into town at 3:45PM. Hubby got off early.

I picked him up. We got gasoline at Costco, got lattes at Jitterz (we were both thirsty), and washed the Jeep at Metro Express Car Wash.

Drove over to KR's. Talked with her awhile. She was all excited to tell us about Casino Night that she had attended with co-workers at Northern Quest. She had lots of fun.

Then I drove over to Spokane Valley Caruso's. Walked in and ordered cider beer. It was too sweet. The help was rude. Pizzas were salty. We were forced to sit away from the main group which was disappointing. Kim and her friend were there. We finally had to go outside to do the presentation because it was too loud inside. Stood by the fireplace and they handed out bags. Then we left.

Ran into fire department, police, and ambulances on the Pines Exit. Was yelled at by a rude Fireman when we asked if we could get thru the road.

Turned around and got on I-90. Learned later that there was a "Suspicious Device" that they were looking for in that area.

Drove KR home. I dropped hubby off at the yard so he could pick up his Dually. We both drove home. I was still hungry, but we watched tv and went to bed early.

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