Saturday, October 08, 2016



Woke up to lots of rain. A torrential rain pouring down. Dark clouds.

Hubby came upstairs from sleeping on the recliner couch last night. He had a severe headache and could not sleep in the bed. It helped him to sleep sitting up.

Wilson came upstairs and played on the bed with us. He jungle-gymed all over us. Then Ben woke up and played with Wilson in our room.

We got out of bed and dressed. Hubby went to give Bud his pain pill. He made eggs for the dogs.

Wilson stole hubby's towel that he was going to use to wash his hair. Wilson took it out to the back yard.

Hubby and I went downstairs to clean up the cats.

When we got back upstairs, Wilson was digging at the closet in the Laundryroom. We found a dead mouse. Then had to vacuum out the mouse turds in the Laundryroom and the Kitchen under the sinks.

I placed an order for Bud's Right Leg Brace online. They should call to get measurements.

Hubby drove me to Post Falls. We stopped to get a latte for him. Then he dropped me off at Ross Point Baptist Camp to do the chair massage. Angela was already there. Hubby backed into a parking spot at the front door. I walked in with my chair. Then Katie came later and set her chair up next to mine. I used the potty.

Shelly gave me a nice glass nail file. She had purchased one and thought of me to get another one.

We started massaging at 1PM. I actually had 2 women from last year again this year. They recognized me.

Two people that were scheduled to be there did not show up and one person was about 15 minutes late.

So we massaged until 2:15 and then packed up and left.

Hubby helped me load my chair and drove me home.


At home, Tom was already there waiting and they took off in Tom's truck to go up to Larry's wedding.

I changed clothes, had lunch. Did laundry, Did dishes. Took a nap.

Hubby and Tom came back at 7:30. They did not bring cake. Hubby brought some crap baked goods that the grandma had made. Lots of dough. Yuck.

We went down to Grey Goose for dinner at 8:00. I was very hungry.

When we got there, hubby parked the Jeep in a big pool of water because he could not see it as it was so dark. I got out and stepped into it, soaking both feet.

Went inside and ordered dinner. Our waitress was tired, and not serving well. They brought dinner out to me with a salad and stupid olives on it. I hate olives because they remind me of worms. I almost barfed. They did not re-plate the damn thing before bringing it out. Hubby took the salad off my plate and put it on his. He had ordered soup and salad. I had gotten the french dip & fries.

We ate then returned home. Went to bed. So tired.

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