Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weekend Class HydroTherapy Part 2

OCTOBER 23, 2016

Got up at 7AM.

Hubby stayed home to make eggs for dogs.

I got ready and left by 8AM for school.

2nd day of the Hydrotherapy Class.

Was really tired all day.

We had Essential Oil lecture from Sabrina until Noon.

Kim and I ate at Fu-Ki in Post Falls. It was so very good. The food was wonderful.

When we got back at 1PM, we listened to Jen lecture about Hot Stones.

Then we went into the other room and did the stones. Kim and I paired up.

We also massaged other people's feet because we were done early. There was an ice plunge that we did with the others.

Kim left at 3PM, the rest of us cleaned up, got the room put back in order. Put away massage tables & put out class tables & chairs.

Then Jen let us leave at 3:30 because we had not taken our afternoon break.

Drove to CDA and got my car washed. Then drove by Costco, but too many people in line for gas.

Drove home quickly.

Hubby had the dogs ready, he drove down to the shop. I got changed and we took the dogs for a walk in the park. Stopped to get snacks at Lil Town Market.

Walked over by the Brig. Could not walk very far because Buddy was limping.

Returned home.

Made spaghetti for dinner.

At 6PM, we watched Season 7 Premiere of The Walking Dead. It was very violent.

Went to bed early at 10PM because we were both exhausted.

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