Saturday, October 22, 2016

Weekend Class HydroTherapy Part 1

OCTOBER 22 2016

Got up at 7AM.

Hubby made breakfast for the dogs.

I left at 8AM.

Arrived at school by 9AM.

Secured a table in the back. We listened to Jen lecture about Hydrotherapy.

At Noon, we left for lunch. Kim and I went to Mexican restaurant.

Brought back left-overs for hubby.

Kim and I stopped at Starbucks for lattes before returning to class. We were 10 minutes late because we thought there was extra time.

At school, we listened to lecture until Kim left at 3:00.

Jen let us go early at 3:30 because she was finished.

I drove home.

Hubby met me there about 6PM. He had been working at the shop in Post Falls.

We watched TV and went to bed.

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