Thursday, October 27, 2016



October 27 2016


Got up at 6AM with hubby. Hugged him and said goodbye. Squishy dogged all the dogs between us.

I readied myself for school at 7AM. 

Fed the kitties & cleaned up their mess in the bathroom.

Gave dogs ham; gave Bud his antibiotics wrapped in ham.

Left for school at 8AM.

Drove to school. It was RAINING.

Sat in Jen's A&P class. 

At school, Kim was a few minutes late. She said there was an accident on the Interstate. 

Kim sat in class for 1 hour, then left to go get Starbucks drinks. She brought me back a drink and snuck it thru the curtain to me. It was funny. She said it was my Graduation "pressie".

I stayed in class for 2 more hours. Jackie said to come see her after class to get everything wrapped up. She intimated that I had 3 more hours of class because I was not there on Tuesday. I explained that I had attended 36 hours of make-up. She interrupted me and told me it did not matter what "she had said", it only mattered what was written down. Jen was in the office making copies and (I did not know this, she told the class later) that she had had heart palpatations from hearing that. She supplied the sign-in sheet for make-up classes. It verified that Jackie did not have my 10/20/2016 class recorded. So I had enough hours.

The last hour in class, we just sat there. Jen was done lecturing. I did the AMTA sample test on their APP for practice.

Finally, got out of class. Jackie had all my paperwork ready. Check from the school was signed. I had the paperwork to send it. Got my Graduation certificate!

I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Panda came in while I was talking to everybody. Then I left at about 12:45. 

Drove over to the CO in Post Falls to see hubby. Showed him and he congratulated me. Dave 2.0 briefly showed up and he congratulated me, too.

I drove home. It was still raining.

I got the mail.

Unloaded all my books and bags from the car. No more school stuff, no more sheets to carry around!

Watched TV. Did laundry. Did dishes.

Hubby got home at 5:30. I showed him my certificate. He had forgotten to get me a card. This weekend, we will go out for dinner & a drink to celebrate.

He made spaghetti for dinner.

We went downstairs later with the vacuum to clean up the kitty room. Put them in the massage room so we could clean. 2 kitties escaped and stayed in the bathroom up on the top of the shower because they were scared while we cleaned.

Wilson had dragged a tree branch into the house and we had to vacuum up that mess.

Finally went to bed at Midnight. I decided not to take allergy pills to sleep because they are drying out my skin.

About 1AM, a stink bug crawled up my leg while in bed. I jumped out of bed and threw him out the window. It made me feel creepy crawly after that.

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