Monday, July 25, 2016


JULY 26 2016

Got up at 6AM.

I drove to school at 8AM.

We had Ethics class with Sabrina today, talking about Sexual Harassment & ethics related.

At 11:40, all the classes came to our room to discuss the Clinic Policy on inappropriate behavior being exhibited by some clients.

I went into the other room at Noon and made up 3 hours with Jen's Intro class.

At 3:00, I folded up and put away the table.

Then drove to CDA for my Eyelash appointment.

Did lashes, fell asleep on the table.

Then at 4:00, I drove home. Traffic was pretty hectic for that time of day.

At home, got mail.

Koda kitty came in the house and was sleeping in her box. I think she might be having her babies tonight.

Hubby got home at 6PM. My knees were hurting so I had taken ibuprofen, so did not want to take a walk.

We watched tv tonight - new episode of Wrecked.

Checked on Koda before we went to bed. No kitties yet.

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