Friday, July 01, 2016


JULY 2 2016

Got up at 6AM. Already had heard 3 trains which woke us up.

Hubby got up and started the A/C.

He made eggs for the dogs. I helped feed them.

Gave Koda kitty her tuna.

Hubby got on his motorcycle and started practice riding around the property.

Hubby riding Harley in the Driveway

We need to order a cover for the bike while it is stored in the garage because it is getting SO dusty.

I took down the blankets over the railing upstairs so that hubby could install the rigging on the railing. I also took the vacuum upstairs to clean up the mess he will make from drilling holes in the wood posts.

Hubby got the rigging done on the railing!

 Wilson hiding in the Library

Wilson hid in the library, helping me to box up the books back there. Hubby got done with the rigging on the loft and it was beautiful!

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