Sunday, July 24, 2016



Got up early. Hubby had already left to pull the float for the North Idaho Fair with the Frontier truck. He was told to be there by 7AM. He took Buddy with him.

I did laundry and dishes.

Then dressed & got ready for class. Wore stretchy clothes for PNF - Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation.

Stopped at Super 1 in Rathdrum to pick up new pencils and a notebook that I forgot. Also got donuts for today.

 Donuts For Students in Class

Arrived at AICM at 8:30, took everything inside.

Class arrived quite late. Kim came and I sat beside her. She brought cake pops & white powdered donuts.

Had lunch in the classroom because there was only 30 minute allocated for lunch.

We had shrimp, roll-ups, and chicken ka-bobs.

Then the afternoon just seemed to drag. 

Finally got out at 2:30PM.

On the way out of the building, I fell on the curb, tripping over my stretch pants. 

I drove to Rathdrum. Hubby called me to meet me there. 

I tried to get drinks at Jitterz, but there were 2 cars in line with 4 people each and they were all ordering blended drinks. There was only 1 girl working.

So I drove over to park my vehicle at the Frontier CO in Rathdrum and got into the Dually with hubby. He was hauling the trailer and going to get a truck in Spokane.

We drove over to Dagny's and got cold drinks there. 

Picked up the truck at a heated pressure washer warehouse. The kid and his girlfriend were really nice.

Then we hauled the HUGE truck back to the shop in Post Falls. Met Larry there and put the truck in the bay.

Loaded a Ranger onto the Trailer to deliver.

We drove back to Rathdrum and I got gasoline. Then I drove home. Hubby drove to CDA to deliver the Ranger.

5 Car Accident on Diagonal & Ramsey on my way home

At home, I got undressed. Was SO tired. Made apple slice snacks and more tea. Cleaned up the dog water. 

Hubby got home shortly after. Wilson greeted Bud like a long lost friend. Kissing & Hugging him.

I went to bed around 6PM, slept until 11PM. Got up and watched Angie Tribeca with hubby, then went back to bed.


Woke up at 6AM. Went to potty. Brought Wilson upstairs with me. Put him on Ben's bed. Ben was so happy to see him.

Wilson jumped down and came into our room then jumped on the bed. He kissed me and hubby for quite a while.

We got up and made eggs for the dogs. I put away laundry and dishes.

Washed my hair.

Went for a dog walk in Farragut Park. Walked down Gun Shooting Road.

Then we drove to Spirit Lake to get hubby a latte.

Got back home and hubby went down to the shop to meet with Larry and get parts out of the shop while I picked up dog poo.

Then hubby loaded up the wood in the front of the house and took it to the pit.

After he got back to the house, he loaded garbage up and we went down to the dump.

Upon returning from the dump, we loaded up the swamp cooler, the lawn chairs, the rocking lawn chairs & glass tables, the lawn mower, the horse trough and the used wire spool to take down to Rathdrum Goodwill. We drove very slowly down Diagonal.

Unloaded stuff at Goodwill and got a receipt.

Then got lattes at Jitterz. Drove to Walmart in Hayden to get printer ink.

Drove back to Athol and picked up garlic bread at Lil Town Market.

Came home and put Lasagne in the oven to bake. Hubby fixed the dog watering hose and pulled the plants from around the dog water barrel. Then he fixed the doggy door.


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