Tuesday, July 19, 2016



Woke up at 5AM. Hubby left early because he had to stop at the shop.

I got up because I could not stay in bed.

Gave ham to dogs. Did laundry.

Made Protein shake and drank it.

Changed dog water & food.

Pre-set the A/C to come on at 1PM.

Left for Ethics class at AICM. New teacher.

We were supposed to sit in a semi-circle. A couple students arrived late as usual. My back got tired, and I had to move to a table.

Our September calendars were put into our in-boxes. So I have to pick days that I want to do Business Hours in September.

Talked to Jackie about make-up hours. She said relax, only about  67 to make up. Yippee.
Jackie came into class and asked about our attending outside event in August. We get free t-shirts.

I left class and went home.

At home turned on the A/C as it had not come on as pre-set.

Bud Fell Off His Dog Bed

The new lights for the living room had arrived via UPS. 

Hubby asked me to go down to the shop to look for another box from UPS as he is missing a box from Transamerica delivery. They keep messing up his orders. I rode down on my bike with Bud. Bud did NOT go out in the woods. I think he is getting old and was tired.

Told hubby to text Jason, the installer, as we have not yet received the paperwork for our rebate. Ass. He said it would be 2 weeks ago. Nobody ever does what they say they will do.

Hubby also needs to talk to Gary to pay us for boat storage as it has been over a year for that...

Hubby came home at 5:45.

He sat on the couch. Ate dinner. Was very tired. We walked dogs at 6:00PM.

Came back home.

Watched TV. I went to bed at 10PM. Hubby went to take a shower & come to bed.

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