Monday, July 04, 2016

July 4th

JULY 4, 2016

Boring day.

Woke up at 8AM. Hubby had already been up since 6AM.

He made eggs for the dogs.

I did laundry. Started dishes.

Took a bath.

It was cold outside. Covered hubby up with a blanket while he was sitting sleeping on the couch.

Got cat plate from the garage.

Gave dogs fresh water.

Hubby got up and dressed. He cut his hair.

I went out in the backyard to pick up do poo. Hubby took his chain saw and went out to the backyard to cut up the dead, fallen tree that was in the middle of the yard. Then I helped him haul the tree back behind the fence. I played with Wilson by throwing tennis balls for him.

Hubby then took my Jeep and hauled away the dead, fallen trees from this past winter

He wanted me to video tape him clearing away the trees.

Hubby clearing trees
I had lunch of Mediterranean tuna and feta cheese. Felt really tired.

Hubby got done at 2:25 with the trees. He fixed the fence railing on the decks. The dog had thrown one out.

He sat down and watched TV for a while.

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