Friday, July 15, 2016

Hair & Nails & Motorcycle Class


Got up at 6AM with hubby.

Gave ham to the dogs.

Then I got ready for the day.

Left home at 9:20 to get a latte before getting my hair done at 10AM.

Picked up a latte at Jitterz, drove to my hair place. Got my hair cut, highlighted, and Blow Out treatment done.

Also purchased some conditioner.
At 1:00, picked up a tea for Tracy, my nail tech. Then drove to my nail place.

Got my nails done.

Drove home.

Got ready for motorcycle class. Cleaned up dog water & food.

Drove into town to pick up hubby. Drove to pick up KR in Post Falls.

Drove over to our motorcycle class.

We took the test at the end of class. We all passed.

Then afterwards, we were all tired. Picked up gloves in the store for tomorrow.

Hubby drove back. We stopped in Post Falls to eat at mexican restaurant La Cabana. Table was dirty, floor was dirty. Service was kinda slow. Food was tasteless. I don't like this place. Won't be eating here again.

Dropped off KR.

We drove home. Very tired. Went to bed early.

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