Monday, July 25, 2016


JULY 25 2016

Got up at 6AM. Hubby made eggs for dogs. I rolled out of bed at 7AM.

Hubby went for a motorcycle ride.

Then we walked the dogs in Farragut Park around the sewage treatment area. The weeds are too high and need mowing.

We came back and got a drink at the latte stand in Athol. Saw a creepy guy in front of us, stroking his girlfriend that was standing by the car. It was so gross.

Drove to the Jeep guy and gave him the keys to the Jeep; got a check from him. Hubby called in an order to Transamerica on the way.

We stopped at Bert's on the corner to see if he does field mowing, but he retired and does nothing now.

Dropped the dogs off at home. Gave them some ham before we left.

We drove to Jitterz in Rathdrum for drinks. Then stopped at KR's to pick up Beebo for some adventure fun. He was feeling MUCH better.

I also noticed that Beebo had gotten into the garbage and there was a mess everywhere. We will clean it up when we return.

Drove to the Bank to drop off deposit at Columbia.

Washed my Jeep at the CarWash on 41.

Drove to TransAmerica to pick up parts at Will Call. I walked Beebo all around the warehouse. Then we walked into the building (Beebo fell thru the open staircase).

We drove back to Post Falls and dropped off the parts at the new shop.

Drove to the Park in Post Falls to walk Beebo. He swam with the ducks. Ran after the Geese.

We dried him off and put him on a towel in the backseat. He did not move.

Dropped Beebo off at home. We cleaned up his garbage mess. Vacuumed the house.

Drove over to Hayden for my Acupuncture appointment at 2:45PM. Looked at property on Government Way. Hubby called the Realtor, Ken to talk about the property.

Hubby dropped me off and went to get an Apple Ale. Then he picked me up at 4PM. We drove to downtown CDA to eat at Angelo's on 4th, but it was closed until 5PM. We returned and ate there. Expensive for pasta type food. My dinner came without the chicken, when we requested more bread, they brought us plain bread and not the toasted bread they had brought before. It was awful. Not going back there, ever.

We drove to Costco for gas. Then drove home.

I was tired.

Hubby watched tv for a while, then went down to the shop with Ben to meet a guy for his brake parts.

I went upstairs to take a nap.

Hubby returned to the house after 45 minutes, but told me that he had to drive down to Post Falls to be there for the guy to pick up his truck. I declined to go with him. I was too tired.

By the time hubby returned after 10PM, I was already in bed sleeping. He came upstairs to hug & kiss me before bed. I barely woke up to tell him that I was sleeping!

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