Saturday, July 09, 2016

Rain All Day


Woke up at 6:45AM. Had to potty. Then went back to bed. Ben came into bed with us.

We got up at 7:30 to make breakfast. Wilson was trying to chew apart the couch.

Hubby made eggs for dogs.

I fell asleep on the couch watching a movie called The Visit. Very good old movie.

Hubby went to deliver a truck to Charles while I was asleep. I woke up with Wilson hitting my face with his paw.

We went to Athol to get lattes, they were awful. Too sweet and too much foam. Took the dogs down to the park for a walk. It was SO humid and hot.

Came back to the house and dropped off the dogs.

Drove into town, hubby drove down Diagonal - like I told him NOT to. The traffic was backed up and we waited for 10 minutes before hubby finally turned the truck around and drove the other way.

We got to Rathdrum and I got a latte, but the stupid girl was eating food and kept asking us to repeat the order. Wanted to get a Protein Puck, but they were out of them.

Drove into town, hubby decided we need to go to Liberty Lake to the Consignment Furniture store there. Followed some idiot old people in a Suburban that did not know where they were going. Finally got to the Furniture Store. It was loaded with junk and was very expensive. We left.

Back to CDA and went to Big Lots. Found a set of couches there. We bought them. Hubby also got some new cooking pans.

New Couches From Big Lots

Then we drove over to vacuum and wash the truck at the Car Wash.

Went to Tractor Supply Center (they did not have anything) and then over to North 40 to look for Tool Boxes for hubby's new shop with Tom.

Found a cool distressed tool box that hubby wants to purchase.

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