Friday, July 01, 2016

Platinum Card & Better Interest Rate


First Day of July. Only 60 days of Summer left.

Got up extra early and made eggs for the dogs. Gave Koda kitty her tuna. She came to the deck and was talking kitty talk to everybody. Wilson snuck thru the boards on the deck to go down and see her, but we told him "NO!" very sternly and he came back up the stairs. Good boy!

Then the carpet guy came to measure the basement. He later called hubby and said that it would be $1700 for carpet & installation. We thought that was a little bit expensive.

Hubby had to stop for a drink at the latte stand in Athol. Asked Joy if she had a carpet guy. She thinks she knows somebody or her husband does.

We stopped down at Horizon Credit in Post Falls to sign the paperwork to increase our credit limit to a Platinum Card!

Then we went over to KR's to pick up Beebo. Took him to a park in the subdivision. Walked him around outside the park because DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN PARK. Stupid.

Walking Beebo

Beebo pooped and we gave him water from the spigot from hubby's latte cup.
Driving to CDA
Drove over to CDA to get screws at North 40. KR texted and said that she got off early. We headed over to the Best Sandwich Shop on Best because hubby was hungry. KR met us there. We were having an enjoyable time in the shade under the Gazebo until a loud "but, like..." girl came with her boyfriend. She was extremely LOUD. We think she & her boyfriend were crack cocaine addicts. Ugh.
At North 40 with Beebo
KR went to get food for herself from the Mobile Food Vans.

At The Best Sandwich Shop in CDA

Then we took Beebo back home. KR gave us her eggs to put in her fridge. She went shopping and to sign her paperwork on her Line of Credit on her home. Yippee!

After we dropped off Beebo, hubby wanted to go to Spokane for Krispy Kremes. They had out the Patriotic donuts for the Holiday.

The traffic was backed up bumper to bumper on the interstate going East. We drove home Trent.
Traffic on Interstate

At home, we unloaded everything There were packages for us on the deck and mail for us on the deck.

I took a bath and then hubby fell asleep on the couch while I fell asleep on our bed.

At 7PM, I woke up. Did some laundry & dishes.

I started putting books in boxes to take to recyclers.

Then we took the dogs for a walk at 9PM in Farragut Park. There were lots of Police cars, Fire Engines and Emergency Vehicles on Clagstone. We wondered what was going on, but could not see anything because it was so dark.

Drove back home and the emergency vehicles were gone. There was a huge scorch spot in the road.

At home, we watched TV for a while. Then went to bed.

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