Sunday, July 17, 2016



Bravo was still home with us. I watched him all day.

Got up at 6AM with hubby. Gave him a back & neck massage in the bathroom on the toilet because he woke up dizzy.

Then I gave dogs ham. They were happy.

Koda kitty had been sleeping on the back deck.

After hubby left, I turned on the A/C.

Hubby had to go 

Had cake for breakfast. Also ate some soy sausages.

I vacuumed house.

Had a nap at Noon.

KR and hubby texted that they were leaving at 2PM.

When hubby got home, he was very tired. Everything hurt.

He came back and we had to put all the dogs & Beebo into the Dually, then we went to pick up Tom at Chad's house where hubby had dropped him off.

We drove Tom back to the shop. Then we dropped Beebo off at KR's house.

She was out getting groceries and was not there.

We drove home. Hubby was exhausted. We went to bed at 11PM.

Took Beebo back to KR's house. Had to get $ from a truck at the new shop,

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