Saturday, July 30, 2016



Dogs barked all night. Buddy was a good boy and slept. But Wilson and Ben were up most of the night barking at things. Did not get a lot of sleep.

Very hot all night. I got up to put a fan in the window.

Got up after hubby left for work at 7AM. Hubby was working today because he had gotten Monday off as a trade.

Did laundry & dishes.
 Ben & Wilson play on the floor

Made Quiche. It tasted awful. It was a pre-made from Costco.

Koda & Kittens

KR came and droppped Beebo off at 10:00 so that she and Ali could go hiking up in Northern Idaho.

Beebo Stayed At Gma's Today

I had the girls come down and see the new kittens.

Hubby got home after 5:30.

KR went home, but then came back to get Beebo.

She had hubby fill her tire with air when she left.

We took the dogs for a walk after the sun went down. It was very hot today. It did not cool off until 9:30.


Got up at 7AM. Slept late!

Hubby made eggs for the dogs. I helped him feed them.

Hubby went for a motorcycle ride.

I cleaned up around the house. Vacuumed the carpet again. Got the area ready for the kids to bring in the couches.

Kyle showed up at 9:30. He helped hubby clear out the garage.

KR finally got here at 10:15. She helped Kyle haul in our couches. We had to "put them together" because they were packaged in pieces.

KR & Kyle took the elliptical out front, threw the old couches out over the deck, and then put them in the Dually.

Hubby paid them and they left around 11:30.

Hubby went on another motorcycle ride after the kids left.

We went in to Athol to get a latte for hubby in my Jeep.

Wilson & Bud nap

It was really hot out again today. We just stayed inside and watched TV in the Air Conditioned house.

Walked the dogs late tonight because it was hot. Waited until it cooled outside.

Hubby picked up milk, lottery tickets, and a pizza at Lil Town Market.

We brought it home and baked it.

Cleaned out the kitty litter, gave her new blankets for her cat box, gave her fresh food, and opened the windows. Hubby brought in the screens so that we could open the windows and she can't get out.

It smells much better down there now.

Went to bed at 11:00 after watching Archer.

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