Tuesday, July 05, 2016



Woke up at 5:45. Had to ask hubby what time it was. He was irritated because he wanted to sleep some more. I thought he had over-slept.

Hubby got up and ready for work.

I got up and pottied. Feeling a little bit better.

Wilson was barking at Koda out front of the house.

I gave her new tuna. She has not been eating her tuna lately.

I watched the Structural Stabilization DVDs and then worked on my Kines homework & Finals.

Tried eating a little bit of watermelon & cheese. It was ok. Not tired or achy like yesterday.

Received the Cat Tower via UPS from Amazon.

I studied upstairs on our bed.

Then came down around 1:30. Put away clothes & dishes. Picked up garbage. Brought books in from outside as it looked about ready to rain.

Ben & Bud tried to attack Koda. Wilson tried to defend her. Ben hurt his front leg. I will have hubby check tonight; but it does not appear broken.

Checked Koda. She had gone into the back yard and accidentally could not get out. Lost her footing on the fence & fell back into the dogs. I screamed at them to "STOP"!

Hubby came home later and helped me put the cat tower together.

We took it downstairs and put it in the back room for Koda.

Koda's Cat Tower

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