Saturday, July 16, 2016

All Day Motorcycle Class


Got up at 6AM. Put everything in the Jeep. Helmets.

Then drove to Rathdrum and got lattes at Jitterz for us; drove back and got an Americano coffee for KR at Bean Barn.

But the girl put in cream in the Americano.

We walked Bravo very quickly so he could poo. Then KR was ready. We got in the Jeep. She had me drive over to KokoPelli to get another Americano.

Drove to Harley Davidson for our class. We got there last, but were there by 7:45AM.

Practice on riding Harleys all day. I dropped my bike a couple times. Just could not master it with my weak right knee.

 Kelsey at Harley Motorcycle Training
 Instructors, D..., Barb, and Ron
Greg at Harley Motorcycle Training

After hot dog lunch, we went back and there were storm clouds forming.

It started raining for our final exercise. I was thoroughly confused as what to do. My bike fell over slightly again and I tried to re-start it, but it would not start. I turned it off and on, but it still would not start. I walked it over to Ron and he turned it off for longer, and it started.

Then I tried to do the quick stop exercise and failed. I dropped the bike on my leg in front of Ron and then was done. Waited for KR & hubby to get done.

Hubby drove us back to KR's house where we dropped her off. We were all very tired.

Drove over to CDA to pick up hubby's truck at the Frontier parking lot. We drove home separately.

At home, I took a bath.

Hubby sat on the couch.

We took the dogs for a brief walk and then went to bed at 11PM.

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