Tuesday, June 28, 2016



Got up at 6am.

Fed dogs ham. Put away dies. Did laundry. Gave Koda kitty ham. Studied for test

Internet still not working.

Loaded books & dogs in Dodge.

Left Wilson at home. Texted KR to see if Wilson could stay with Beebo. Went back for Wilson. He was upset & crying because we left him alone.

Took him with us. Drove to KRs house & dropped him off; dog proofed the house.

Got a latte for hubby at Kokopelli. Hubby dropped me off at AICM. Hubby took Ben & Bud to groomers.

Took Quiz in KINES. Got 95%.

Observed bodywork for lower leg muscles.

Hubby picked me up after his Acupuncture appointment.

Ate lunch at Pita Pit. Sat outside enjoying beautiful day on table.

We went to pick up Bud & Ben, then went to KRs to pick up black dogs. Went for walk in Post Falls park, Bravo went for a swim.

 Bravo Swimming

Hubby took me to dentist appt at 2pm. Receptionist had trouble finding insurance.

Companion Dog at Dentist Office

Then hubby picked me up at 3pm. Took Bravo home. Drove to Rathdrum & got lattes.

At home, got mail. Unloaded truck.

Did laundry & dishes.

Ordered Amazon stuff & charger for iPad.

Watched Corner Gas DVDs.

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