Sunday, June 26, 2016



Got up early. We made eggs for the dogs.

KR decided that she did not want to waste time on dog walk or learn riding bike at her place, so she drove up here.

By 10PM, we were on the road in the Jeep for the boat in Hope.

Had to stop at Sandpoint to pick up munchies and dog leash for Wilson.

I stayed in the Jeep with the air conditioning cranked so Wilson and Beebo would be ok.

KR & Hubby went into Walmart to get stuff.

They came out with a vegetable tray & sausage log roll meat & fruit tray.

We then drove to Hope. Walked dogs. Went potty. Hubby took all the stuff to the boat and unloaded it.

Had Brunch at the Floating Restaurant


 Huckleberry & Lemon Danish

Crab Eggs Benedict

Took boat out on lake. Went by Cottage island and moored boat. KR thought the water was too cold, so she got out. Hubby and I relaxed on the water floats. Wilson fell asleep in my arms on the float. We got sunburnt. I paddled over to the island (did not know it was private property) and walked around with Wilson so he could potty.

Bravo kept whining all afternoon. KR was upset with him.

We took boat back and docked it. Cleaned everything off. Loaded everything into Jeep.

Drove to Sandpoint and got cold drinks at Starbucks.

Drove home. Unloaded Jeep. We were awful tired. KR went home with Beebo.

Hubby and I watched TV and waited for the sun to go down completely.

We took dogs for walk in the park.

Came back home and went to bed.

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