Friday, June 17, 2016



Got up at 7AM after hubby had left for work. It was 37 degrees F today. I turned on the bathroom heaters and the stove.

It was still wet outside on the decks from the rain last night. So cold in Summer!

When I got up, I had green crap in my throat, so I took some Cold Calm.

The internet was actually working for 5 minutes this morning, so I got to log into it and check email & blog.

Electrician came as I was working in the kitchen. I showed him our bedrooms and the problem with the dimmer switches.

He worked for a little while. Then I had to leave at 11:00, so I went down to pay him, but he said he had to come back tomorrow.

Hubby called me to bring the title for the Excursion and I had to meet him by 11:30 in Rathdrum. But the garage doors would not open as he had turned off the electricity last night because of the storm. 

I met hubby in Rathdrum at 11:30, then drove to Hayden to get my nails done. I was there a little early. Talked to the massage therapist girl.

Then Tracey did my nails. Some other woman came in to talk with her about buying a gift certificate. Then afterwards, I made more appointments with Tracey.

I left and drove to get groceries in Rathdrum. Shopped at Super One. Then loaded groceries and drove home. Got mail on the way.

There was a box delivered by UPS on our steps. It was for RMOR.

I unloaded groceries. Then put the Jeep in the garage. It started raining just a little.

I picked up dog poo.

Hubby got home late. Then he worked in the shop for a while.

He came up to the house. We walked the dogs in the park. Then drove home.

When we got home, it rained.

Went to bed late after watching re-runs of Archer.

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