Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Cloudy Today


Got up and hubby had been awake since 5:12. I think he is waking up when the sun comes up. He was sitting on the couch with the dogs.

I fed Koda kitty some tuna and gave ham to the dogs.

Got my books and put them in the Jeep.

Humid today.

At school, we just reviewed lecture with Jen. Prepared us for the text over the chapter next week.

I drove Panda home. His wife had dropped him off that morning, so he needed a ride home. On the way, stopped at Pita Pit and got my free Chicken Crave fork-style salad.

Drove home. Hubby had told me they were delivering bike at 1PM, so I had to hurry home. But instead, it is TOMORROW they are delivering bike.

Studied homework.

I took some painkillers and took a nap.

I did laundry and dishes.

Cleaned up some more in the laundry room. Another load to Goodwill.

Hubby came home later. He worked in the shop for a while.

We went to bed late.


The internet has been down all day. Having lots of problems with it. Hubby can not resolve the problems.

I got up and dressed. Hubby had already left for the day.

Gave tuna to Koda kitty. Gave ham to dogs.

I loaded books into my Jeep. Today is Path with Pam.

Arrived early at the car wash to wash my Jeep, hubby met me there. He hugged me and almost cracked my ribs again. Ouch.

Washed Jeep. Drove to school.

No pop-quiz today, we just reviewed the 2nd half of the Cancer chapter. Panda was sitting in with us. There were only 4 students in class today.

We did body work with 3 of us, I observed. Pam worked on a student. The other 2 students were busy taking quizzes that they had missed.

I drove home.

Took a nap at home. Seth was here working on the basement still.

At 2:45PM, I left to go into CDA. Dropped off stuff at Goodwill and got a receipt.

Then drove to ULTA to pick up makeup. Texted KR, but they did not have the makeup she wanted.

I deposited Met refund check in the bank and then went to my Acupuncture appointment. I was early and had to wait 30 minutes.

After my Acupuncture, I drove over to Frontier and picked up hubby.

He talked to one of the guys while I talked to Rocky.

We drove to North 40 to pick up a battery box for his trailer, but they did not have the correct size. He called O'Reilley's to have them delivery one tomorrow to the shop.

Then we drove home.

Hubby stopped at the shop and talked to Mark.

We took the dogs for a walk in the park.

When we came back, hubby cut down the dead evergreen in the circle driveway, the evergreen at the end of the sidewalk.

He cleaned up the cat poo & pee in the garage. He loaded dog food into my Jeep.

Koda kitty

I filled up water bottles and re-stocked them in the truck. I put dog poo in the used dog food bag.

We watched tv for a while, then went to bed. It was cold tonight and we shut all the doors & windows.

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