Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Back to School


Got up and put all my books in the car.

Hubby had forgotten his phone at home, so I called his work phone. Dave 2.0 picked it up at work and I told him that hubby had forgotten his phone. He laughed.

Hubby had dropped the Excursion off at Pat's Detailing to clean so it can be sold.

I drove to Post Falls. Met hubby at the Car Wash. Gave him the phone.

I washed my car.

Drove to school.

Took test..Nobody in school today. Only 1 newbie class there, MCP20 only had 4 people in class today.

We took the Quiz. I got 80%, even though I did not study.

Then we reviewed for the Chapter 6 test we are taking next week.

Carol showed us how to work IT band. I just observed.

Then we left class 5 minutes early.

I met hubby & Dave 2.0 over at La Cabana for mexican food in Post Falls. Hubby ordered me a margarita for my pain.

After eating, I drove home.

Took a 2 hour nap.

Then I got up and had to go get hubby from work.

Cleaned and vacuumed up ant colony in the dining area by the french doors. It was awful.

I tried to take Wilson, but he ran away.

Drove to CDA and picked up hubby at 5:30. Put parts in my Jeep from his truck.

Then we drove to Ace Hardware in Rathdrum to get ant poison.

We had to stop at O'Reilley's to get parts for truck on hoist. Drove home with parts. Gave them to Mark & #3.

We had to take parts over to Charles's and drop them off. Then we went to get gasoline in my Jeep in Athol. Had dinner at Grey Goose.

Drove home and I picked up poo & toys in back yard so hubby could mow lawn.

It was so awfully hot.

We went to bed at 10PM.

Bud & Wilson slept out on the deck as it was a little bit cooler out there.

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