Saturday, June 04, 2016

Day on the Boat & Falling Off The Dock


Went up to Hope with KR.

We took Beebo and Wilson with us.

I fell off the boat at Kramer's Marina. Hit my left thigh on the dock and my right ribs on the boat swim platform.

KR and hubby helped me back on the boat, but I had no dry clothes to change back into. My phone had gotten soaked. I was hurting all over.

Took ibuprofen.

KR took Beebo up to potty, but did not take Wilson.

Hubby wandered over to say "Hi" to people from our old Marina at Garfield.

Then I took Wilson up to potty. I was soaking wet.

KR & Hubby wanted to motor around for a while. So we went out in the lake. It was cold.

We finally docked and drove back home. I was in so much pain.

KR drove home.

I took more painkillers and took a bath. Hubby unloaded everything. I went to bed.

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