Wednesday, June 29, 2016



Got up and dressed. Fed dogs ham. Fed tuna to Koda Kitty.

Hubby called AE this morning.

I went to school.

Hubby stayed home with the dogs. He went to the shop to clean it up so he could work on KR's car this afternoon.

It took forever to get to school as I took the back roads because of road construction on Hwy 41.

I washed my car at the Car Wash in Post Falls. Some idiot woman was texting in the Car Wash ahead of me and decided to just sit there long after the car wash stopped. I had to beep at her to get her attention. Stupid Bitch.

Stopped to get a couple muffins from school.

Took our A&P test over Chapter 18 Respiratory. I got 90% on it.

We took a break. Kim and I drove over to Dugout Donuts because she wanted donuts. Then we stopped on the way back and I made the deposit in Horizon.

Went back to class and studied over Chapter 19. Digestion.

Left class at Noon and drove over to KR's work so I could trade cars with her. I stopped to get gasoline at Maverik.

After leaving Maverik, lots of traffic. Some stupid woman in a Jeep Cherokee almost crawled over my car to get in the turn late. Fucking stupid summer drivers. Everything is a hurry.

KR came out to exchange keys.

I drove her SUV home. Got the mail.

Hubby worked on her car. Doesn't need new brakes. He has to order parts from Spokane and they won't be here until tomorrow.

Hubby came home and cleaned up so we can go into town. I am getting my nails done at 5PM and then we will go eat at Red Lobster.

We got to nails early, so drove down Government Way looking at property.

Got my nails done red, white, & blue for the 4th Holiday.

Then we drove to Red Lobster for dinner. Food seemed a little undercooked.

Nails for the 4th

Afterwards we drove to Wendy's to get burgers for dogs.

Drove home.

I had diarrhea at home several times. We waited for about an hour for sun to go down so it was cooler to walk the dogs.

I had diarrhea several times on the walk. It was awful. Got stomach cramps.

Took a bath at home. Went to bed early because I felt weak and sick. Hubby stayed up until 12:30AM falling asleep watching tv. I had to yell at him to go to bed.

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