Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day 2016


Got up at 6AM. Hubby was already downstairs watching television.

I got up and helped him make eggs.

We found out that Koda had disappeared when I took her out Tuna and she did not come running. Usually she stays close around the house and does not wander.

Hubby had to wait for some people coming from Spokane to get her by 9:30 and then we will drive into town to give KR some motorcycle time over at the high school.

We drove thru Rathdrum, but the latte stand was closed. We stopped at Jitterz to get drinks for me & hubby.

Hubby drove KR's bike over to the school. We followed him in the Jeep.

KR rode around the school, then we had to move over to the other parking lot because it was getting busy with people.

KR rides new Harley

A family that was walking by on the sidewalk shouted at KR while she was on her bike. They told her good work and Happy Father's Day. They were a nice family.

Then we drove back while hubby rode the bike back to KR's house.

We packed up, KR drove her car and we went to our home.

Packed up things in the Jeep then drove up to Hope to the boat.

I drove. Hubby held Wilson on his lap.

 Wilson on Hubby's lap

At Hope, we had lunch at the other restaurant, CHOP.

It was ok. Mostly hamburgers for lunch. We had drinks. KR gave hubby a father's day card.

 Crab Cakes at CHOP
 Lunch at CHOP
 Chix Sandwich
Bidet at CHOP bathroom

We took the boat out and rode around for a while. It was too cold to go in the water. So we just motored around for a while. There were some logs in the water, so we had to be careful.

It was really cold that night, staying on the boat. Hubby still has not fixed the heat on the boat because of the broken duct work. So we played UNO with the stove turned on. It warmed up the boat very nicely.

KR slept in the bottom bed. Hubby and I slept in the main bed. I got up and had to take a hot shower because of cramps. It was awful. Did not get any sleep all night.

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