Monday, June 20, 2016

Day Off


Day Off For Hubby.

Woke up on the boat at 7AM. Very bad night.

I went up to potty at the building. Then came back to help load everything. KR went up to the building to brush her teeth.

We met KR on the dock. Hubby and I had secured the boat and loaded everything in the wheel barrow.

KR and I straightened our hair at the building. Then we drove over and got lattes at the condos.

On the road, we decided to stop at the Sandpoint Driver's License to take our motorcycle tests.

We stopped at the DMV in Sandpoint and talked with a very nice woman named Michelle. I had to renew my license because it expired in 6 months. I hate taking DMV pictures.

Then we took our motorcycle tests.

Afterwards, KR was hungry so we stopped at Safeway and got burritos. I purchased more of the good honey from there.

We drove back to Athol.

Bravo ran outside to greet KR.


KR left for work.

Hubby and I unloaded everything and then took the dogs to the park for a walk around the sewage treatment plant.

Drove back home. Stopped to get mail.

Hubby got a boat out for people. Then he came up to the house for a snack.

I had already started doing laundry & dishes.

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