Saturday, June 25, 2016



Got up at 6AM when hubby left for work.

Had to get up again because Wilson ran off with a whole roll of toilet paper.

Then he was chewing on the mini blind cords, had to get up again.

Stayed in bed until 7:15, but did not sleep. Bad little dog kept waking me up.

Got dressed, started laundry.

Gave Koda kitty her tuna.

Hubby had not put my Jeep in the garage last night, so I had to drive it in this morning.

Cleaned up the house. Gave dogs fresh water. Cleaned their dog bowls. Refilled dog food storage.

Made tea for myself.

Ordered dog toys for Beebo.

Guys came at 9AM to install HVAC. Jason showed me how to work the remote controls. I paid him. They were cleaned up & gone by 2PM.

Hubby got home later.

We took dogs for walk in park.

It was really cool in the house with the new Ductless A/C turned on. However, when we went to bed tonight with the A/C on, the light bothered me all night.

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