Thursday, June 16, 2016



Got up at 7AM. Was leaving the house by 8AM.

Gave ham to dogs.

Fed kitty some tuna.

Drove to school.

Big blood stain of something that was killed on the sidewalk in Rathdrum. Gross. Really bothered me all day.

At school, was in Medical Massage class. The guy is strict, but very difficult to follow. Good info, tho.

After class, I drove home after getting Pita salad for myself.

Got the mail at home. Received new VISA cards for Costco account.

Hubby called me and asked me to go pay for gas for Lane at the Athol gas station. He had left his credit card with his wife and ran out of gas. I paid for his tank with a credit card and also gave him $25 for lunch.

I drove home. Got ready and went into town for my Doctor's appointment. Was checking out my ribs. Met new doctor; Wester was overbooked 2 weeks. They took X-rays. I talked to the same X-ray girl from last time. She is nice.

Doctor advised to get off the prescription meds and just use Ibuprofen. Thanks.

Drove to drop off KR's makeup at her office. She was just leaving to go to the gym.

She lifted 220 pounds 3X today! That is so great. I am proud of her.

Then I drove to Rathdrum and got groceries.

Drove home, unloaded groceries.

Gave Koda some tuna.

Hubby got home after picking up the Excursion from Pat's, the detailer and then selling the Excursion. He is going to get the money tomorrow. He left the Excursion at Tom's.

Hubby got a ride from Tom to go get his Dually, then towed home another truck.

He got here about 7:30. Dogs were happy to see him.

I made some Crab rangoons & cream cheese stuffed egg rolls for dinner.

It rained.

Got some parts for hubby on ebay.

We watched a little TV and then went to bed at 11PM.

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