Friday, June 24, 2016

Nails & Wilson Has A Bath!


Got up at 7AM to potty, then went back to bed.

Up at 8:20AM to answer the phone, but it was a "No Caller ID" so I did not answer it.

Dressed, gave dogs Ham.

Then did laundry.

Gave Tuna to Koda kitty.

Hubby called and requested that I send the Property description to the Surveyor that he called.

Drove in to Hayden at 11:30 for my 12:00 appointment for nails. Got Denim Blue color.

Took Wilson down at 3PM for his Grooming at Diane's. It was raining. Wilson was shaking when I dropped him off.

At 4:30, Diane called and said that Wilson was ready to be picked up.

I went to get Wilson. He was happy to see me.

Hubby got home early at 5:30.

We watched TV. Saw the ELO concert on TV. I massaged hubby on the massage chair.

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