Friday, June 03, 2016



Got up at 6:15AM,

My ribs on the right side were still hurting. 

Hubby had already left. I texted him, and he was waiting at the shop for Duane O. to bring his new gun.

So he drove back and hugged me goodbye. We talked on the deck.

Then he left. Met Duane at the driveway for his new gun.

I did laundry, fed ham to dogs, gave Koda some tuna, started laundry, started dishes.

I took a hot bath and a prescription painkiller for my rib pain.

Then I washed my hair.

Packed up books in the basement. Cleaned out storage containers.

Ken with Neighbor's Glass brought our glass window at 10:30 and installed it in the basement. He also brought back all the screens for the windows. I paid him. Nice older guy.

I talked with Seth briefly about some upstairs sheetrock fixing that he needs to do. He wanted us to move the cabinets in the bathroom so he can tile around them.

Then I left at 12:30 to get a latte at Jitterz in Hayden. Went to drop off more donation items at Goodwill, then went to my Acupuncture appointment at 1:00PM.

After getting out of my appointment at 2:20, I drove home.

At home, I did laundry. Did dishes. Cleaned out my bathroom drawer. Vacuumed, Cleaned the Doggy door, Cleaned the overspray from the basement on the upstairs floor. Took our bedding down to wash. Put aside Ben's bedding to wash.

It was very hot today, so I turned on the Swamp Cooler.

I cleaned out shoes in front door closet. Then changed lightbulbs upstairs.

Put all donation stuff in my Jeep.

Then I went upstairs to take a nap, but could not rest. Hubby called to let me know he was coming home at 6:00PM.

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